After many months of writing, editing, deleting, heavy prayers, doubts, fears, elation and joys, the guide that has helped my own marriage grow and thrive is now available for ALL married couples!

the guide


The two of you have created a life together, you are writing this story together and no matter what you are feeling in this season of life, this is a reminder that the two of you are in this together. You will have plans, you’ll have dreams, and you’ll have goals that the two of you will be excited about. You will also be reminded that you have a God that will help you get through it all

Ready? Purchase and download The Guide to help in your Monthly Marriage Meetings.

Something special happens when two good willed individuals are brought together. Your Monthly Marriage Meetings and The Guide are here to help you and your spouse establish moments of connection with each other. The desire to grow, encourage, and learn from each other, allows the creation of memorable moments of togetherness. It is these moments that will get you through the low points of your marriage when all seems hopeless and the love you once shared is now difficult to find. These moments will allow you to push through the hard times and restore purpose back into your marriage. The desire to persevere will help you see the beauty in the highs when your heart was so full of joy, great fullness, and love for your partner.

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